COMMIT, a non-profit organization, was born after a team of dedicated volunteers, mostly from the medical field in Southwestern Ontario, ventured into the second poorest country in Central America, Nicaragua. While there

we saw the needs firsthand and through working together with the local government have been able to improve the lives of many individuals and communities. It has always been our goal and desire to provide the people with what they need and what will benefit them when we are not in country.

COMMIT promotes microeconomics as we encourage self-sufficiency and enpowerment by fully involving the participants in all endeavours. Through training and workshops the people have been able to better provide for their families and communites with the desire to further their learning.

Twice yearly we take a team of interested indviduals to Nicaragua to work on our various projects. By returning yearly to the same areas we have been able to form lasting friendships and bonds with the people we serve. During the ten years that we have been working in Nicaragua we have seen the evolution of our projects and the benefits our a helping hand. 

What an honour to assist the local government and change lives through our work. We look forward to continuing our projects with the people and hope to be able to sreve them for many more years to come. 

Our mission statement

 "Compassionate commitment to bettering the lives of people in less advantaged countries through

effective and collaborative use of medical, social and educational programs."

What Does COMMIT Do?

  • We provide medical equipment and supplies to local hospitals
  • Assist with medical brigades in rural areas, focusing especially on public health measures
  • Drill water wells to produce clean water
  • Implement healthier options for sanitation including outhouses
  • Build or renovate community centers for medical or social use
  • Introduce sustainable agricultural practices
  • Enhance and support educational and social programs
  • Presently we are working on an eco-friendly stove project to provide a healthier and more environmentally way to cook, combined with reforestation for sustainability.
  • COMMIT has also participated in disaster relief and other builds for appropriate housing.
  • We teach sewing to form Co-ops which are active in two villages at the present time
  • Run a successful music program in four schools with the possiblility of expansion
  • Hire nationals to work on our projects along with a general manager and agronomist

Our motto is "A hand up, not a hand out."